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Euromap 82.1: Finished specification for temperature control devices released

One year after the publication of the first draft (so-called Release Candidate) for the OPC UA based interface for temperature control devices, the finished specification has now been released by Euromap. Before that, a few adjustments and above all a test of the interface by several manufacturers in different combinations had been made. The final version of the specification is published at and freely accessible.

The functional scope of the interface includes general information about the temperature control device, status information and process data. The standardized interface considerably simplifies the manufacturer-independent interaction of the devices in a production cell. Settings can be made directly from the injection moulding machine and relevant quality data can be viewed there.


At the same time, work is continuing on other interfaces for plastics and rubber machines. Release candidates have already been published for hot runner devices and dosing systems for liquid silicone as well as for extrusion. Before the final release, there will also be appropriate tests to ensure interoperability.

More information:

EUROMAP - European Plastics and Rubber Machinery Association - Technical Commission - c/o VDMA Plastics and Rubber Machinery, Frankfurt a.M., Germany

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