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3D Printer (1)

Agglomerators (14)

Automation (14)

Autonomous Injection Units (3)

Blow moulding machines (9)

Calanders (11)

Cleaning systems (1)

Coating units (4)

Controlling and regulating systems (8)

Conveying systems (47)

Cooling systems (19)

Cryogenic systems (1)

Degassing systems (4)

Documentations and Operating manuals (2)

Dosing and metering equipment (27)

Drying equipment (39)

Dust and fume extraction systems (6)

Dust removal systems (1)

Embossing units (1)

Extruders and Extrusion plants (36)

Extrusion down stream equipment (29)

Heating elements (6)

Hot runner systems (9)

Hydraulic systems and elements (1)

Injection moulding machines (30)

Labeling machines (1)

Lab equipment (9)

Laminating units (3)

Machine control and electronics (3)

Measuring and testing machines (9)

Mechanical processing machines (1)

Melt filters (13)

Melt pumps (10)

Metalseparators (24)

Mixing equipment (19)

Molds and tools (12)

others (24)

Parts and accessories (36)

Pelletising equipment (6)

Pelletizers (39)

Peripherals (42)

PET stretch blow moulding machines (4)

Plasticising units (2)

Presses (3)

Printing machines (6)

Processing plants (30)

Pyrolysis equipment (1)

Recycling plants (50)

Robots (19)

Rotational moulding machines (1)

Screen changer (17)

Separation equipment (20)

Size reduction equpiment (45)

Slitter rewinder (3)

Sorting plants (16)

Sprue seperating equipment (13)

Standards (4)

Storage systems (8)

Surface treatment systems (1)

Tempering equipment (31)

Thermoforming machines (11)

Toolmaking machines (1)

Ultrasonic equipment (0)

Washing systems (18)

Water processing systems (5)

Welding machines (9)

Selected: Robots

     41516 Grevenbroich - Neukirchen, Germany
  AGS Automation Greifsysteme Schwope GmbH
     51429 Bergisch Gladbach, Germany
  ASS Maschinenbau GmbH
     51491 Overath, Germany
  Deckerform Injection GmbH Toyo Deutschland
     86551 Aichach, Germany
  DÖNMEZ Sondermaschinenbau GmbH
     31275 Lehrte, Germany
  Europnet GmbH
     52146 Würselen, Germany
  Germanplast srl
     13875 Ponderano, Italy
     63741 Aschaffenburg, Germany
  Hekuma GmbH
     85399 Hallbergmoos, Germany
  Maschinenhandel Borowski GmbH
     40764 Langenfeld, Germany
  plasma GmbH für Industrieautomation und Verfahrenstechnik
     32602 Vlotho, Germany
  PMS Plastic Moulding Systems GmbH
     56244 Leuterod, Germany
  Pro-tech Kunststofftechnologie GmbH
     31535 Neustadt, Germany
  ProOptima GmbH
     55234 Albig, Germany
  Reza Zadeh GmbH & Co. KG
     52249 Eschweiler, Germany
  SEMEX Plastmaskiner ApS
     2770 Kastrup, Denmark
  Sepro Robotique GmbH
     63128 Dietzenbach, Germany
  Spritzgussmaschinen-Handel Makies GmbH
     31137 Hildesheim, Germany
  Wittmann Kunststoffgeräte GmbH
     1220 Wien, Austria

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