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Mr. Philipp Albertmelcher (

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Business: Manufacturer

Machinery Categories: Surface treatment systems

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Bild 1: Openair® plasma treatment of CFRP surfaces before bonding

Bild 2: Openair® plasma treatment of polypropylene in automobile manufacturing

Bild 3: Openair® plasma treatment of SMD circuit boards before conformal coating

Bild 4: Plasmatreat System XCT: fully automated plasma pretreatment unit for sealing profiles

Bild 5: Openair® plasma treatment of plastics before printing

Company Profile:

Plasmatreat is the world market leader in atmospheric plasma technology. The Openair® plasma technology patented 20 years ago, from which the multi-award-winning PlasmaPlus nanocoating technology evolved, is now used in almost all sectors of industry.

Materials such as plastic, metal, glass or ceramics are cleaned to a microfine level, electro-statically discharged and simultaneously activated within a matter of seconds. The triple effect carried out in one single step far outweighs the effectiveness of conventional systems. Pretreatment with Openair® atmospheric plasma causes a targeted and exactly adjustable increase in the wettability and thus the adhesiveness of material surfaces. This produces a homogeneous paint finish and long-time stable adhesion of the coating even under challenging load conditions. New material compounds often become only possible due to this technique, while wet-chemical or mechanical pretreatments are completely dispensed with. Specials features of the Openair® plasma technology are its reliability and reproducibility in the production process.

PlasmaPlus® technology, developed and patented mutually by Plasmatreat and the Fraunhofer IFAM, enables functional plasma polymer nanocoatings to be generated under normal atmospheric pressure. Different precursors are added to the plasma to produce coatings with different functional characteristics and chemical compositions. The user can vary both precursor and plasma performance himself to define layer functionality. The layer chemistry can be controlled selectively by adjusting the plasma parameters and nozzle geometry.

The Plasmatreat Group has technology centers in Germany (headquarters), the USA, Canada, China and Japan as well as subsidiaries and sales offices in 35 countries.


ISO 9001 Zertifizierung

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