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Lindner: Micromat Plus - New shredder concept boosts recycling efficiency

The new Micromat Plus single-shaft shredder launched by Lindner reSource for general plastic recycling tasks.
With its Micromat Plus series of variously configurable single-shaft shredders for recycling plastic waste, Lindner reSource is launching a new machine concept at K 2010. Available in three sizes, these units are systematically designed with low energy consumption and high productivity in mind. Three different drive concepts accommodate specific application needs. The available range of square blade or point-blade rotors can be fitted with variously sized blades. Easily replaceable screens with 10 to 300 mm hole diameters make for even greater versatility. The newly developed internal force feeder can be individually adapted to the given application, and an increased filling capacity ensures a constantly high material flow. Production waste of different source material characteristics – e.g., hard plastics, filaments or films – can thus be shredded just as optimally for further processing as post-consumer plastics such as PET bottles, agricultural film or carpeting. The patented revision and maintenance hatch facilitates the replacement of blades and counter-blades as well as troubeshooting. Shutdown times are thus reduced significantly. These characteristics, combined with the convenient screen access, make the system quickly adaptable to changing requirements.

Harald Hoffmann, Managing Director at Lindner reSource comments: „Since their market introduction in 1995, more than 500 Micromat-type single-shaft shredders have found their way into diverse industry applications where they have since been setting new standards of longevity, reliability and product quality. In developing our new Micromat Plus series, we have consistently addressed our customers´ wishes and expectations as they have been expressed to us over the years. We are therefore convinced that these machines, tailor- made to specific customer needs, will raise the benchmark yet again. And with their ruggedness, precision and efficiency, they will help reduce plastic recycling costs, thus benefiting the user´s bottom line."


Three different drive concepts ensure energy-efficient performance in all practical requirement situations. The picture shows the ;Performance‘ concept.
Three drive concepts
For the majority of users in plastics recycling, Lindner reSource´s standard concept (Basic) with its motor, belt drive, coupling and transmission – designed for rotational speeds between 80 and 100 r.p.m – has proven its merits many times over. For shredding predominantly bulky, solid or possibly highly contaminated materials, the particularly rugged, high-torque version without transmission (Extend) has been optimized; with its large sheave and coupling, this unit is rated for speeds from 100 to 200 r.p.m. Where mainly clean production waste is to be comminuted into small-grained material, the use of the direct-drive version (Performance) suggests itself. This machine can be operated at speeds between 200 and 300 r.p.m. and delivers particularly high throughput rates. Consistent with Lindner reSource´s philosophy, all three drive versions feature safety couplings and can be fitted with supplementary frequency converters for stepless control of the rotor speed and reduced energy costs.

The precisely cutting point-blade rotor with wear protection.
Custom rotor / blade combinations
The optimum rotor and blade type will likewise depend on the application purpose. For shredding problematic material such as big bags, filaments or stretch film, Lindner reSource proposes its point-blade rotor providing high cutting precision. The square-blade rotor is optimized for hard plastics and combines superior pull-in control with an energy-saving low power requirement and r.p.m. level. The standard rotor diameter is 563 mm at rotor lengths of 1530 mm, 2030 mm or 2530 mm. All rotors are available with wear protection and can be equipped with cooling. The associated blade carriers for five blade sizes (from 40 x 40 mm to 116 mm x 116 mm) can be used four times and are quickly exchangeable.

The patented inspection and maintenance hatch helps to minimize standstill times.
Maximum accessibility for short standstill periods
All Micromat Plus single-shaft shredder versions marketed by Lindner reSource feature the newly developed, large inspection and maintenance hatch which opens inwardly by hydraulic action. This design provides convenient access to the rotor and counter-blades, and obstructions can be easily removed. Another patented innovation is the redesigned screen area with its elastically pre-stressed and clamped screen modules. The screen basket can be opened hydraulically, and maintenance or module replacements can be performed easily by hand.
The new patented screen section facilitates replacement of the screen baskets. All pictures © Lindner reSource

PLC control
All machines are equipped with a new PLC control system from which a variety of pro-grammes can be activated. A touch-screen visualisation system is optionally available.

More Information:

K 2010, 27.10.–3.11.2010, Düsseldorf, Hall 9, Stand B17

LINDNER reSource GmbH, Großbottwar, Germany

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