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Lifocolor: Masterbatch manufacturer builds new production plant at its headquarters in Lichtenfels, Germany

Lifocolor Farben builds new production plant at its headquarters in Lichtenfels, Germany - (Graphic: Lifocolor).
Lifocolor Farben GmbH & Co. KG, thermoplastic masterbatch manufacturer, is investing 20 million Euro in the expansion of its parent plant in Lichtenfels. Ground was broken in July 2019 and the planned construction schedule is 18 months.

The production site in Lichtenfels in upper Franconia, which was originally established in 1986, has now reached its capacity limit. Lifocolor Farben is therefore constructing a 14,000 square meters building complex with production, quality control, administration, warehousing and logistics on a 30,000 square meters site, close to the existing plant which will operate in addition to the new plant.


In order to meet the increased requirements in the production of high quality masterbatch, the manufacturing equipment in the new building will be specially geared to the company’s core segments and raised to a new level of quality. The plant is equipped with heat recovery systems and modern ventilation technology to improve air quality in all areas of operation.

The planned production capacity will be 6,000 tons of masterbatch per year and can be expanded when necessary.

According to the company will the new building be constructed according to the latest building standards and will cover approx. 40 percent of its energy needs itself. The share of regenerative electrical energy will therefore increase in total to about 80 percent, Lifocolor Farben is thus reducing its CO² emissions per manufactured ton of masterbatch by another 40 percent, compared to 2018.

More information:

Lifocolor Farben GmbH & Co. KG, Lichtenfels, Germany

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