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European Bioplastics elects new Board with François de Bie as reelected Chairman

The new Board of European Bioplastics, from left to right: Paolo La Scola (Novamont), Patrick Zimmermann (FKuR), François de Bie (Total Corbion PLA), Mariagiovanna Vetere (NatureWorks), Lars Börger (Neste), Jean-Marc Nony (Sphere), Erwin Lepoudre (Kaneka) and Michael von Ketteler (BASF SE, not in the picture) – (Photo: European Bioplastics).
European Bioplastics (EUBP), the association representing the interests of the bioplastics industry, has elected a new Board. The old and new Chairman, François de Bie (Total Corbion PLA), together with EUBP’s reelected Vice Chairperson Mariagiovanna Vetere (NatureWorks) and new Vice Chairperson Lars Börger (Neste), will lead the association’s continuous support towards achieving a circular economy. “It is a pivotal time for our industry as the European Union is serious in developing from a linear to a circular economy. This provides us with a unique opportunity”, says François de Bie.

“The new EU Commission recently announced a Green Deal for Europe and bioplastics will play a crucial role in helping to achieve this deal. They are a major driver for the continued change in the plastics industry towards an innovative, sustainable, and resource-efficient economy. Over the past years, European Bioplastics has positioned itself as an important and trusted player in the advancement of the bioplastics industry across Europe. I am honoured to assume this position and look forward to working closely with the new Board as well as our management team”, he added.


Michael von Ketteler (BASF SE), Patrick Zimmermann (FKuR), Paolo La Scola (Novamont), Jean-Marc Nony (Spère) and Erwin Lepoudre (Kaneka) will also form part of the new Board. Latter will serve as the new Treasurer.

“I would like to express my gratitude to all members of the previous board for their considerable contributions to our association over the past two years”, says de Bie and adds: “We already have been very successful in raising awareness for bioplastics and the many intelligent solutions they provide. Our aim for the next years is to take EUBP’s efforts to a new level and further strengthen our role in the important processes that lie ahead.”

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European Bioplastics e.V., Berlin, Germany

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