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Kistler: Highly sensitive sensor for very small forces

The new, compact 9323AAA force sensor from Kistler makes it possible to measure forces of less than 5 N - (Photo: Kistler).
Kistler launches a new sensor for measuring very small forces. The core piece is a newly developed, highly sensitive crystal, which is designed to guarantee extremely precise measurement results.

The new 9323AAA piezoelectric force sensor was developed on the basis of the long-established 9323 product family. According to the manufacturer, is particularly suitable for the calibration of force sensors installed in production machines.

The new sensor is said to have a sensitivity of -32 pC/N and should enable the precise measurement of forces smaller than 5 N. For this purpose, Kistler has developed a new crystal that is grown at the headquarters in Winterthur and installed in the sensor cases of the 9323 product family. This gives the new sensor many of the same benefits as the established models, including proven insensitivity to lateral load and bending moment influences.


With its high-precision measuring range, the 9323AAA is ideal for measuring very small forces in highly dynamic production processes where high accuracy is absolutely essential. The new force sensor is now available throughout the world.

More information:

Kistler Instrumente AG, Winterthur, Schweiz

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