2021-04-27, 11:37

Crushmaster Marine: Wastemanagement on High Seas

Waste processor „CM-One“, opened - (Photo: Crushmaster Marine).
On board of midsized to large yachts, long cruises can cause accumulation of large amounts of waste, which take up valuable storage space and occasionally develop unpleasant odours. The newly developed, patented, two-step waste processor „CM-One“ by Crushmaster Marine from Nantua, France will now not only aid in waste handling on board, but make disposal at marinas more space-saving, hygienic and easy.

The „CM-One“ firstly shreds the waste and subsequently assembles compact, volume-reduced units through vacuumization.

The waste is fed into the „CM-One“ processor through an input chute. There, items will be granulated to small pieces, and gathered in a collection container with automatic fill level indicator, lined with a vacuumizable plastic bag and equipped with an automatic fill level indicator. Intelligent controls help avoid blockage and material jam in the granulation unit. Following the volume reduction, the filled plastic bag is vacuumized, sealing the waste airtight and reducing its volume by an approximate ratio of 15:1.


For the vacuumization of soft materials such as plastics, standard vacuumizable bags can be used. Alternatively, reinforced tearproof bags are compatible as well, to accommodate sharp-edged materials, such as glass and sheet metals.

The waste processor is fashioned out of stainless steel and individual color adjustments of the casing can be facilitated, to integrate seamlessly into client-specific designs.

The „CM-One“ is available as a stand-alone product as well as OEM-versions specific to yacht manufacturing. It is suitable to be built into existing structures, just like dishwashers or refrigerators.

The use of this unique waste processor has the potential to significantly contribute to the protection of fragile oceanic ecosystems, by substantially simplifying the waste management on sea.

About Crushmaster Marine
Crushmaster Marine is developed and produced by Zerma Machinery & Recycling Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., manufacturer of shredding machines for the plastics industry with over 70 years of experience. Crushmaster Marine is the area for maritime solutions in the processing of waste and recyclable materials. The distribution for Europe is organized by Crushmaster Marine France.

More information:

Crushmaster Marine, Nantua, France

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