2022-11-08, 15:33

Resilux: Majority shareholding in Serbian PET recycling company Greentech - Expansion of recycling capacities

The Resilux Group – through its recycling division Poly Recycling Switzerland – has acquired 70 percent shares of the Serbian PET recycling company Greentech Ltd. It gives Resilux significant additional recycling capacity as well as enhanced post-consumer bottle collection and sorting capability.

Since its foundation in 2005, Greentech has been a pioneer and leading PET packaging recycling company in the country. Its recycling facility, located in Mladenovo, Serbia, processes up to 10,000 tons of waste PET packaging per year to produce hot washed PET flakes. In addition to the recycling facility, Poly Recycling has also acquired 70 percent shares in Greentech’s collection and sorting facility in Skopje, North Macedonia. This facility is capable of sorting used PET products by color and type before they are passed on for recycling at Mladenovo.


The acquisition means Resilux has secured a local supply of A-grade PET flakes to serve its existing preform and bottling plant Resilux Adriatic in Lajkovac, Serbia.

According to Resilux COO Marcel van de Sande: “The acquisition expands our operations in the Adriatic region by securing a local supply of used PET. And it continues our ongoing expansion plans for recycling activities by the Resilux Group as we establish a more sustainable and truly circular economy for PET.”

Mihail Mateski remains as General Manager and 30 percent shareholder in Greentech Serbia and North Macedonia. He states: “By becoming members of Resilux group we have secured transfer of know-how and technology for top quality recycled PET bottles for food contact. Combined with Greentech’s expertise of over 20 years in PET collection and recycling, it is the perfect match to provide full circularity of the PET bottles and further development of our recycling operations in the whole West Balkan/Adriatic region.“

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