2023-04-14, 11:07

Engel: Highest Turnover in the Company’s History - Turnover increased by 13 percent

Stefan Engleder - (Photo: Engel).
Engel reports a 1.7 billion euros turnover for fiscal year 2022/23 that ends in March. As it is further stated in a press release, the company has hit the highest turnover in the group’s history.

Engel surpassed last year’s turnover of 1.5 billion euros by 13 percent. “Closing at 1.7 billion euros, we reached the highest turnover in the company’s history”, Stefan Engleder, CEO of the Engel Group, is pleased to announce. Especially the business segments of Automotive, Medical, Packaging, and Technical Moulding contributed according to this to this growth. In North America and Europe, investments were made, for example, to meet the continuing high demand for products used in Diabetes therapy. In contrast, the trend towards sustainable packaging concepts was mainly affecting Europe. Investments in logistics applications are still at a high level. The automotive industry has been the strongest driver of our success over the last fiscal year. This sector has proven to have a significant impact on economic growth, especially in Asia and North- and South America.


Engel considers itself well prepared for the fiscal year ahead. “As we have already demonstrated in the past, we can adjust fast to changes in the business environment and absorb their impact. We are confident that by consistently following our strategic goal to drive innovations and be an industry leader, we have set ourselves up for success in the upcoming year”, says Stefan Engleder.

More information:

Engel Austria GmbH, Schwertberg, Austria


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