2023-12-06, 05:58

Evosys: Move to new premises in Germany and North America

At Evosys, the specialist for laser plastic welding, the positive business development and the associated steady growth of the Evosys family at the Erlangen site, Germany, and in North America made it necessary to relocate both the service subsidiary "Evosys Laser Services GmbH" and the branch "Evosys North America Corporation" in the USA.

As the company also announced, the Evosys service subsidiary "Evosys Laser Services GmbH" left the parent company's premises at the beginning of October, three years after it was founded. As both the office and production areas had become too small, the move could not be postponed any longer. By opening up the new space, there will also be enough room for all employees and the entire production in the future.


Evosys had the opportunity to rent the ground floor of Pantel AG's office building right next door. Only the small addition "A" in the address gives away the change with a big impact. With the new premises of over 600 square metres, Evosys Laser Services (ELS) now has enough space to grow with its employees and turnover.

Production was able to move into the new premises at the beginning of October, before the offices followed in mid-October. The two companies will remain closely linked thanks to the proximity of the buildings and will only be separated by a courtyard.

In Detroit, North America, the lack of space was also the decisive factor for the change. New, larger premises were needed to ensure that operations could continue to run smoothly in the future. The move took place in May. The fact that it was only a ten-minute journey between the two locations meant that the move went quickly and smoothly.

The floor space, which has now doubled in size, is currently used half as a production and installation area for the machines and half as an office with meeting room.

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Evosys Laser GmbH, Erlangen, Germany

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