2023-11-27, 14:24

Georg Fischer: Uponor takeover completed - New organisation in the Piping Systems Division

By merging with Uponor, the Swiss company Georg Fischer AG (GF) aims to become a leading global supplier of sustainable piping systems for water and other media. To achieve this goal, complementary business units will be brought together under one roof: The new GF Uponor division will focus on building technology, while the infrastructure and utilities business will move to GF Piping Systems. Michael Rauterkus will become a member of the GF Executive Committee and will head the new division together with his Uponor management team.

With all conditions of the takeover offer fulfilled, GF closed the transaction on 13 November 2023.


To accelerate the implementation of GF Piping Systems' Strategy 2025 and further benefit from global megatrends, GF intends to launch an ambitious value creation programme to unlock the full potential of this acquisition. GF Piping Systems will focus on the industrial and utility business and offer its customers sustainable, leak-free piping solutions for numerous end markets such as microelectronics, water treatment, energy, chemical process industry, marine, data centres or water and gas supply. Uponor's infrastructure business will become part of GF Piping Systems and further strengthen the division's portfolio to offer customers combined solutions. The building services business will be merged into the new GF Uponor division to offer a complementary portfolio for safe and clean water supply and energy-efficient heating and cooling. These organisational changes are to be implemented in the course of 2024.

Michael Rauterkus, President and CEO of Uponor Corporation, will join the Executive Committee of GF as President of the GF Uponor Division.

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Georg Fischer AG, Schaffhausen, Switzerland

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