2023-11-29, 06:06

KBR: Industrial plant manufacturer becomes engineering partner of PureCycle in Augusta

The US industrial plant manufacturer KBR is to become PureCycle Technologies' engineering partner for the construction of a new recycling plant for polypropylene waste in the state of Georgia.

According to a PureCycle press release, KBR will be responsible for the project planning of the complex as well as key procurement and construction management tasks. However, no details were provided regarding the financial volume of the contract awarded to KBR.

Jay Ibrahim, Head of KBR's Sustainable Technology Solutions division: "We are delighted to be involved in this innovative plastics recycling project from PureCycle. KBR's commitment to sustainability, combined with our world-class engineers, allows us to provide innovative solutions for projects that are critical to preserving our planet for future generations."


PureCycle initially plans to build a complex with two recycling lines in Augusta in western Georgia. According to previous information, the two plants will have a combined capacity of around 118,000 tonnes of recycled polypropylene (rPP) per year. However, PureCycle's plans in Augusta envisage a total of up to eight plants with capacities for more than 453,000 tonnes of rPP per year.

The foundation stone for the PP recycling plant in Augusta Corporate Park was laid more than a year and a half ago. However, according to PureCycle, it was only at the end of May this year that it was able to clarify the final financing issues for the project with the local economic development agency AEDA. According to earlier reports, the company expects to invest a total of around USD 440 million in Augusta.

PureCycle, based in Orlando, Florida, exclusively utilises and markets a process developed by Procter & Gamble (P&G) for the recycling of PP waste. By removing colours and other impurities from the recycled raw material, new PP is obtained for various applications.

In the summer of this year, PureCycle started trial operations at its first PP recycling plant at the Ironton site in the US state of Ohio. In total, this complex will have capacity for around 48,550 tonnes of rPP and will start regular production by the beginning of next year. In addition to the project in Augusta, the company is also planning similar complexes in Antwerp, Belgium, South Korea and Japan.

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