2023-12-01, 09:29

Hexpol TPE: Lichtenfels plant with ISCC Plus certification

Hexpol TPE Compounding Group plant in Lichtenfels, Germany - (Photo: Hexpol TPE).
In October 2023, the Hexpol TPE Compounding Group plant in Lichtenfels received ISCC Plus certification from the International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC) initiative.

ISCC Plus is a global certification system that ensures traceability along the supply chain and guarantees the correct and transparent application of the mass balance approach. All companies along the supply chain are subject to the ISCC Plus audit process. This means that when Hexpol TPE purchases ISCC Plus-certified raw materials, all upstream companies are audited. The sustainability declarations create a chain of custody from the origin to the brand owner.


The mass balance enables a gradual increase in the non-fossil content of the polymer compounds with the aim of gradually reducing the use of fossil raw materials. The certification enables Hexpol TPE to produce ISCC Plus certified TPE materials with bio, circular, and/or bio-circular content via the mass balance approach.

Mass balance versions of the "Dryflex" portfolio of TPE materials (TPS, TPO and TPU) will be available. Also on offer are the "Epseal" TPEs, which were developed for sealing applications in the food and beverage industry. The TPEs with mass-balanced raw materials offer customers a drop-in material alternative. The technical properties, chemical composition and regulatory applicability are said to be the same as the corresponding fossil grades.

Dr Kevin Ament, Product Safety and ISCC Coordination at Hexpol TPE GmbH: "The ISCC Plus certification is an important step for our customers who work in highly regulated markets such as care, food contact, toy and baby products. It means that we can replace the fossil-based polymers in our compounds with the mass-balanced version to create a one-to-one replacement. The ISCC Plus certified bio, circular or bio-circular starting materials have the same quality, processability and purity as the fossil polymers previously used."

The Hexpol TPE Group is thus expanding its range of products with mass-balanced raw materials after its Swedish site received ISCC Plus certification in 2021.

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Hexpol TPE GmbH, Lichtenfels, Germany

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