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Thees: Plastics recycler opens new site in Dinklage, Germany

New Thees location in Dinklage - (Image: Thees, Gerald Lampe).
Plastics recycler Thees Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH recently opened a new site in Dinklage, Germany, in the district of Vechta in Lower Saxony.

Ansgar Thees-Ovelgönne, Managing Director of the company, described this as "another strategically important step towards our 360-degree recycling approach." Conveniently located directly at the Lohne/Dinklage exit of the A1 motorway, this now offers sufficient space for technical expansions with an additional operating area of over 40,000 square metres, an office building and two new halls with a total of around 7,000 square metres.


An extruder, a shredding plant for bales and large containers and a plastic granulator have already been put into operation there. Final tests and investment decisions are due this year for further planned recycling systems in the areas of separation, extrusion and processing. In the final expansion phase, an additional 50,000 tonnes of plastic waste will be able to be processed at full capacity. A total of 30 to 40 new jobs are planned.

The new site complements four other plants in the district of Vechta as well as mobile recycling plants that are in use throughout Europe and beyond. With these capacities, around 40,000 tonnes of plastic waste were processed last year.

"Our vision for the future is defined in such a way that Thees examines all possibilities for economic utilisation before plastic waste is exported, thermally recycled or chemically recycled," says Ansgar Thees-Ovelgönne. "Both post-industrial waste (post-industrial recycling, PIR) and waste from the household sector (post-consumer recycling, PCR) are processed. And despite the challenging market environment, we are increasingly succeeding in creating a harmonious triad of circularity, CO2 savings and cost-effectiveness."

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Thees Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH, Dinklage, Germany

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