2024-06-13, 12:50

Starlinger: Austrian mechanical engineering company with record turnover

The Austrian company Starlinger & Co Gesellschaft m.b.H. is extremely positive about the past financial year: the globally active mechanical engineering company has reported the highest turnover in the company's history to date at just under EUR 400 million - a doubling of turnover compared to 2016.

"One of the reasons for our economic success is our diversified machine portfolio," explains Angelika Huemer, Managing Partner of Starlinger. "On the one hand, we serve the woven plastic packaging niche with our woven bag systems, and on the other hand, we manufacture recycling systems for a wide range of plastics. As an export-orientated company, we deliver to countries all over the world and compensate for the recession in one region with the economic upturn in another." In the last financial year, Starlinger achieved an export ratio of 99.43 per cent; the mechanical engineering company has already been awarded the Austrian Export Prize twice for its export activities.


Sustainable plastic packaging - from production to recycling
Starlinger has made a name for itself on the global market as a manufacturer of systems for the production of woven plastic bags since the early 1970s. After the first recycling systems for recycling production waste from polypropylene woven sack production were delivered in 1987, the "Starlinger recycling technology" division was founded in 2002 and the "Starlinger viscotec" division in 2005. Both divisions specialise in the processing and refinement of plastic waste and are now important pillars of the company. "Our aim is to create closed loops for as many plastic products as possible and to avoid downcycling," says Harald Neumüller, CSO of Starlinger. "When the PET bottle becomes a PET bottle again and the woven sack becomes a woven sack again, we will be where we need to be."

Starlinger's bag production systems are designed to process high proportions of recycled material. This enables fabric sack manufacturers to design bulk packaging such as big bags or sacks for cement, grain and animal feed sustainably by adding recycled material and complying with the DfR (Design for Recycling) guidelines.

With its own CSR department, the company ensures that the working environment is environmentally and employee-friendly and implements projects such as photovoltaic systems and health in the workplace. Starlinger also participates in the UN Global Compact, the world's largest sustainability initiative for companies, and is committed to the principles for responsible business practices enshrined therein.

With eleven foreign branches and over 1,000 employees worldwide, Starlinger serves customers in more than 130 countries. Around 600 people are employed at the two plants in Weissenbach an der Triesting alone.

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Starlinger & Co. GmbH, Vienna, Austria

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