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PIR=Post Industrial Recyclate
prW=Produktion waste
pcW=Post consumer waste
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 Date O/R Material Type Form Details Color Foto  Cert  PDF Amount €/kg Nat.
06-12 (O) PP PIR Reg PP regrind, extrusion ex multiwall sheets, white white 0.6 to  
06-19 (R) PP prW PP WASTES AND REGRIND 20.0 to  
05-28 (R) PP prW PP rolls with and without print  
05-28 (O) PP pcW Reg PP PCR Regrind coloured 100.0 to  
05-30 (O) PP prW oth PP Staub coloured 8.1 to  
06-12 (R) PP Big-Bags zum Recyceln gesucht.. 20.0 to  
05-30 (O) PP Sur Pel PP Wiconature 51B-UV scharz black 1,830.0 to 1.15 €  
06-04 (O) PP Rec Pel PP Granulat black 23.0 to  
06-12 (O) PP prW Reg PP regrind injection grade 25.0 to 0.70 €  
06-13 (O) PP [Sell - PP Twine in bales] 061309  
06-10 (O) PP Bls PP big-bag white 1,000.0 to  
06-12 (O) PP PIR Pel PP-Copo regranulate, extrusion MFI 0,8 ex sheets, natural, beige natural 0.2 to  
06-12 (O) PP PIR Reg PP regrind, extrusion ex thermofoming film blister, coloured coloured 3.1 to  
06-05 (R) PP Reg PP regind wanted  
06-13 (O) PP Rec oth PP Braskem C765-15NA black 17.0 to  
06-19 (R) PP PP Folie Windelfolie mit Füllstoff 100.0 to  
05-29 (R) PP prW Reg PP Mahlgut Natur natural 100.0 to  
06-12 (O) PP Vir Pel PP regrind, injection molding, FR, coloured coloured 0.3 to  
06-04 (O) PP Rec Reg PP Copo mit ca 40 %TPV coloured 4.5 to 0.50 €  
06-14 (O) PP Bls PP Big Bag in pressed in Bales white 60.0 to  
06-20 (O) PP pcW Bls PP bigbag in bales low grade - 1 load 18.0 to 0.13 €  
06-24 (O) PP prW Pel PP Regranulat schwarz Industriequalität black 5.0 to  
06-21 (O) PP prW Reg PP regrind black 24.0 to  
06-12 (R) PP prW PP Nonwoven  
06-12 (O) PP Vir Pel Virgin Polypropylene 200.0 to  
06-18 (O) PP Vir Pel PP prime transparent 22.0 to  
06-19 (O) PP PP Reg. Black Extrusion MFI 0,9-1,2 80.0 to  
05-29 (R) PP pcW Reg PP Mahlgut Weiss white 48.0 to  
06-17 (O) PP Rec Reg pp grinded black / mix colors from fruit boxes black 50.0 to 0.30 €  
06-11 (R) PP Lumber wrap roll- PP Printed 100.0 to  
05-28 (R) PP PP  
05-28 (R) PP PP-Stocklots Granules-Regind  
05-28 (O) PP PIR Agl PP from mask coloured 150.0 to  
06-04 (R) PP Reg PP Mahlgut 44.0 to  
06-10 (O) PP Rec Reg PP GRIND (REGRIND) FROM CRATES, MIX COLORS. coloured 50.0 to  
06-07 (O) PP Vir Pel PP Allruna W40 U virgin material black black 0.3 to  
06-07 (O) PP Vir Pel Daplen PP KSR 4525 WSX040 pearl white, virgin material white 0.6 to  
05-28 (R) PP pcW Bls PP Flaschen 100.0 to  
06-12 (O) PP PIR Reg PP regrind, extrusion TV20 ex sheets, coloured coloured 3.3 to  
06-04 (O) PP Rec Reg PP GF 30 ex pipes multicolor, regrind coloured 60.0 to 0.46 €  
05-27 (O) PP Rec Reg PP EXTRUSION ® PP Extr. Rohr/Pipe, ex Vista, grey RAL 7040, Octabin (art.1291) 30.0 to 0.75 €  
06-18 (O) PP prW Pel PP BLACK REGRANULATE black 8.0 to  
06-05 (O) PP Rec Pel PP MFR 20-25 RAL5001 blue 48.0 to  
06-18 (O) PP Vir Pel PP K8003 natural 25.0 to  
06-24 (O) PP Reg PP regrind black black 20.0 to  
06-12 (O) PP PIR Reg Moplen RP220M, PP-Copo regrind natural natural 0.2 to  
05-27 (O) PP prW Reg PP TV+GF black 20.0 to  
06-12 (O) PP PIR Reg PP regrind, extrusion ex thermofoming film blister, natural natural 15.8 to  
06-22 (R) PP Folien bedruckt und unbedruckt