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 Date O/R Material Type Form Details Color Foto  Cert  PDF Amount €/kg Nat.
10-27 (R) PC prW oth PC+GF bis 30%, abfall, mahlgut, schwarz oder andere farbe, 20 Tonnen black 20.0 to  
10-27 (R) PBT pcW oth PBT alles coloured 250.0 to  
10-27 (R) PP-GF prW oth PP+GF bis 30%, weiss, schwarz, mahlgut oder abfall, direct von produktion, 60 Tonnen monatlich natural 60.0 to  
10-27 (R) PET-A prW oth PET-A Trays others  
10-27 (O) PC prW oth PC offcuts clear clear 5.0 to  
10-27 (O) PP pcW SO PP ropes 20.0 to  
10-27 (O) Filler Material prW SO Glass Fiber yarn clear 20.0 to  
10-27 (O) Masterbatch Sur Mb Masterbatch Orangebraun RAL 8023 für PE und PP 0.0 to 2.50 €  
10-27 (O) Masterbatch Sur Mb Masterbatch Dei®Tech Beige, ca. RAL 1015 0.4 to 3.00 €  
10-27 (O) Masterbatch Vir Mb Masterbatch PE 73130254 grey grey 0.3 to 6.00 €  
10-27 (O) Masterbatch Sur Mb Dei-Tech Gelb yellow 0.1 to 4.20 €  
10-27 (O) Masterbatch Sur Mb Masterbatch Hellsilber ca. RAL 9006 0.2 to 2.49 €  
10-27 (R) PA 6 Reg PA 6 GF50, PA 6 GF10-35, PA 6 unfilled  
10-27 (O) PLA Rec Reg PLA ESTABIO PL0640T05 FLAKES natural 24.0 to  
10-27 (O) PLA prW Reg PLA LX175 FLAKES brown 17.6 to  
10-27 (R) ABS Reg ABS Extrusion Regrind  
10-27 (O) PA 6 prW Reg PA6 Akulon K222 KGV4 V2 white white 4.0 to  
10-27 (O) ASA Sur Reg ASA/PC Luran SKR 2867 C WU Mahlgut weiß white 0.3 to 0.35 €  
10-27 (O) PA 6.6 prW Reg A3WG7 NATUR natural 3.8 to  
10-27 (O) PPO prW Reg PPO (PPE+PS+GF), mahlgut, schwarz, wiederholbar monatlich, 20 Tonnen. verfügbares technisches Datenblatt. Möglichkeit, ein Muster zu senden black 20.0 to  
10-27 (R) PA 6.6 Reg ABS, PC/ABS, PC, PA-6, PA-66, PP  
10-27 (O) PET prW Reg PET FROM THERMOFORMING black 70.0 to  
10-27 (R) PC Reg PC/ABS GF+FR+varnish, PC GF+FR+varnish 100.0 to  
10-27 (O) PE-HD Rec Reg HDPE MAhlgut ex Kisten und Kasten others 20.0 to  
10-27 (O) PLA Rec Reg PLA ECOVIO TA1241 white 6.0 to  
10-27 (O) SAN Reg SAN GF20 Black regrind black  
10-27 (O) PA 6.6 prW Reg PA 6.6 Radiflam A FR308 black, unfilled black 8.0 to  
10-27 (O) PA 6.6 prW Reg PA 6.6 unfilled ex Frianyl A63 RV0 colored, regrind coloured 18.0 to  
10-27 (O) PLA Rec Reg PLA FLAKES INGEO 3260HP coloured 0.9 to  
10-27 (O) PE-HD prW Reg Mahlgut HDPE spritzguss ex Paletten grey 20.0 to 0.01 €  
10-27 (O) PET pcW Reg PET flakes - green, mix others  
10-27 (O) PS pcW Reg PS/ ABS mix coloured 100.0 to 0.32 €  
10-27 (O) PET prW Reg Pet bandage strips 40.0 to  
10-27 (R) ABS Reg ABS Extrusion White Regrind white  
10-27 (R) PP Reg PP extrusion regrind 20.0 to  
10-27 (O) PS prW Reg PS white white 2.7 to 0.60 €  
10-27 (R) PP prW Reg PP regrind or Regranulate natural  
10-27 (O) PLA Rec Pel PLA COMPOUND for blown film green 24.0 to  
10-27 (O) others Rec Pel PBS recycled pellets green 7.3 to  
10-27 (O) POM Sur Pel Neuware POM Delrin 100T natur natural 0.2 to 1.50 €  
10-27 (O) PE-HD Vir Pel HDPE off spec Film Grade natural 24.8 to 1.55 €  
10-27 (O) PLA Rec Pel PLA RECYCLED PELLETS Sonstige 16.0 to  
10-27 (O) ABS/PA Rec Pel ex. Terblend NM21 black black 0.8 to 0.80 €  
10-27 (O) PE-LD Rec Pel RECYCLED LDPE BLACK GRANULES black 150.0 to  
10-27 (O) PE-HD Vir Pel PE HD Virgin Material blow moulding Near To Prime natural 24.8 to  
10-27 (O) PA 6 Vir Pel PA 6 natur 1A Ware leichtfließend natural 22.0 to  
10-27 (O) PA 6 Vir Pel TERAMID B 15GF natur D HR2 natural 2.9 to  
10-27 (O) PC/ASA Vir Pel ASA+PC Romira Romiloy EXP2240-6 natural 0.4 to 0.50 €  
10-27 (O) PE-LD Rec Pel RECYCLED LDPE GRAY GRANULES grey 100.0 to  
10-27 (O) PA 6.6 prW Pel Neuware PA6.6 GF30 natur, Technyl A216V30 Y17 mit MoSi2 natural 0.4 to