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 Date O/R Material Type Form Details Color Foto  Cert  PDF Amount €/kg Nat.
12-27 (R) PMMA oth oth ..  
01-21 (R) PA oth oth ..  
01-17 (R) PE-HD oth oth HDPE crates MFR 6-8 coloured 200.0 to  
01-17 (R) PMMA oth oth Acrylic ex TV screen, sheets, translucent transparent 15.0 to  
01-11 (R) PVC-h oth oth PVC RIGID REGRIND LUMBS OR MICRONISED white 100.0 to  
01-07 (R) PP-GF oth oth PP GF others 50.0 to  
01-24 (R) PA 6.6 oth Bls lookiong for PA 6.6 Airbag with and without silicon others 20.0 to  
01-11 (R) PE-HD oth Reg HDPE IBC NATURAL REGRIND CLEAN natural 20.0 to  
01-07 (R) POM oth oth POM others 24.0 to  
01-07 (R) PC oth Reg Polycarbonate regrind transparent, Injection moulding transparent 15.0 to  
01-19 (R) PP oth Reg We are looking for PP regrind, please full loads only! others 100.0 to  
01-11 (R) PP oth Reg PP BUMPER REGRIND CLEAN / WASHED others 20.0 to  
01-13 (R) PS oth Reg PS Regrind ex HIPS, EPS, XPS wanted others 20.0 to  
01-17 (R) PE-HD oth oth We buy HDPE drums in any form others  
01-24 (R) ABS oth oth ABS, mahlgut oder abfall, ohne GF und FR, spritzguss oder extrusion, LKW mengen. others 20.0 to  
01-05 (R) PP oth oth We are looking for a Recycling Company to cooperate others 100.0 to  
01-17 (R) PP oth oth We are looking for PP pallets coloured  
01-11 (R) PVC-w oth oth PVC ROLLS others 100.0 to  
01-21 (R) PA 12 oth oth PA12 unverstärkt black  
01-17 (R) XPS oth oth We buy XPS Styrodur briquettes coloured 200.0 to  
01-07 (R) PET-A oth oth Pet trays others 40.0 to  
01-17 (R) PE-HD oth oth We are looking for HDPE garbage cans / MGB / waste bins coloured 500.0 to  
01-21 (R) PET oth Reg PET preforms regrind clear  
01-03 (R) PP oth Pel PP granulate natural natural 24.0 to  
01-17 (R) PE oth oth We are looking for HDPE garbage cans / MGB / garbage bins coloured 400.0 to  
01-03 (R) PA/PE oth oth PE-PA rols transparent 100.0 to  
01-10 (R) PE-LD Sur Pel LDPE natural Injection, Extrusion natural 24.0 to  
01-19 (R) EAMA Sur Pel EMA Granulates transparent 25.0 to 0.70 €  
01-20 (R) others Sur Pel Granules-Stocklots wanted  
01-19 (R) EVA Sur Pel EVoH Granulates transparent 25.0 to 1.05 €  
01-10 (R) PP Sur Pel PP natural Injection, Extrusion natural 24.0 to  
01-17 (R) others Sur Pel Regind and Granules over-stock-materials wanted for Export!  
01-05 (R) PLA Sur Pel PLA stocklots wanted 50.0 to  
01-19 (R) Additive Sur Pel SA-Succinic Acid natural 25.0 to 0.80 €  
01-19 (R) PVC Sur Pel PVA granulates natural 100.0 to 0.70 €  
01-08 (R) PVC-w Sur oth PVC Soft grey  
01-07 (R) EVA Sur Pel EVA Stocklots Granules-Regind 20.0 to  
01-19 (R) EBA Sur Pel EBA Granulate transparent 25.0 to 0.70 €  
01-19 (R) PE/PP Sur oth We are continuously looking for PE + PP and other lumps to process! coloured 60.0 to  
01-19 (R) EAA Sur Pel EEA Granulate transparent 25.0 to 0.70 €  
01-05 (R) PP Rec Pel Suche PP Regranulat natur, weiß und hellgrau 24.0 to  
01-05 (R) PP Rec Pel Suche PP Regranulat natur 24.0 to  
01-19 (R) others Rec Pel PBAT Granulates natural 100.0 to 0.80 €  
01-05 (R) POM Rec Pel POM ex. Delrin 100 NC010 natur Regranulat natural 5.0 to  
01-05 (R) POM Rec Pel POM ex. Delrin 100 schwarz Regranulat black 15.0 to  
01-04 (R) PA 6 Rec Pel PA 6 GF 25% RAL 7035 V0\V2 grey 3.0 to  
01-07 (R) PP-Homo Rec Pel PP Regranulat Homo mfi 3-5 black 100.0 to  
01-11 (R) PP-Copo Rec Pel LOOKING FOR PPC MFI 20- 30 NATURAL COLOR natural 100.0 to  
01-19 (R) EVA Rec Pel EVA Granulates black 20.0 to 0.30 €