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 Date O/R Material Type Form Details Color Foto  Cert  PDF Amount €/kg Nat.
05-08 (R) PA prW Request Cast PA offcuts  
05-08 (R) PE-HD prW Wir suchen Produktionsabfälle 100.0 to  
05-08 (R) PE prW PE 100.0 to  
05-08 (R) PA prW PA 100.0 to  
05-08 (R) PP prW PP 100.0 to  
05-08 (R) EVA prW EVA 100.0 to  
05-07 (R) EVA EVA Brocken  
05-07 (R) ABS prW Reg ABS Terluran SP-6 grey 200.0 to 1.00 €  
05-07 (R) PC/ABS prW oth PC/ABS Mahlgut/Produktionsabfall others 500.0 to  
05-07 (R) PC Reg PC Mahlgut/Produktionsabfall 500.0 to  
05-07 (R) PBT prW Reg PBT Mahlgut/Produktionsabfall 500.0 to  
05-07 (R) PA 6.6/PA 6 prW Reg PA6/66 Mahlgut/Produktionsabfall 500.0 to  
05-07 (R) PA 6.6 prW Reg PA66 Mahlgut/Produktionsabfall 500.0 to  
05-07 (R) PA 6 prW Reg PA6 Mahlgut/Produktionsabfall 500.0 to  
05-07 (R) ABS prW Reg ABS-TPU Mahlgut/Produktionsabfall 500.0 to  
05-07 (R) ABS prW Reg ABS Regrind-Plasticswaste others 500.0 to  
05-07 (R) PC prW PC hollowsheets 60.0 to  
05-07 (R) PC PC sheets/offcuts/ lead frames 500.0 to  
05-07 (R) POM POM semi finished/sheets/offcuts  
05-07 (R) PA 6 Rec Reg PA6 MV40 Mahlgut natur natural 20.0 to  
05-07 (R) PPS Rec Reg PPS Mahlgut mit Kohlefaser 20-30% black 5.0 to  
05-07 (R) PA 6 Vir Pel Schulamid 6 GF 30 nature natural 0.3 to 3.50 €  
05-07 (R) PP Rec PP white regrind or regranulate white  
05-07 (R) PS prW oth GPPS, produktionabfall, glassklar oder andere farbe, mahlgut oder abfall, 60 Tonnen others 20.0 to  
05-07 (R) PP Rec PP natur regrind or regranulate natural  
05-07 (R) PP-Copo PP copo BLACK ( or mix for black ) MFI 15-20  
05-07 (R) PP PP PI-6240 /GF40 GREY prefered, or to be colored to grey grey  
05-07 (R) PET-A Pel rPET regranulate for transparent - IV 0,82 transparent 100.0 to 1.10 €  
05-07 (R) PE-LD LDPE lumps - injection - MFI 20-40 - natur, transparent  
05-07 (R) PUR We buy PUR waste from production  
05-07 (R) PP-GF prW oth PP +GF bis 20%, weiss, natur oder andere farben, LKW ladungen others 20.0 to  
05-07 (R) PC/ABS oth oth PC/ABS, mit oder ohne FR und GF, spritzguss oder extrusion, LKW mengen. others 20.0 to  
05-07 (R) PC oth oth Wir suchen Produktionsabfälle -- PC -gebrauchte schokoformen in verschidene Farben wir kaufen. Mahlgut oder abfall. coloured 20.0 to  
05-07 (R) PS prW Reg PS Regrind white color white 10.0 to  
05-07 (R) PC prW oth PC Platten others 100.0 to  
05-07 (R) PE-HD pcW HDPE IBC naturl 100.0 to  
05-07 (R) PA 6 prW We are searching for production waste  
05-07 (R) PE-HD IBC, Kanister, Öltanks, Mülltonnen  
05-06 (R) PP Rec Reg PP regrind for injection 24.0 to  
05-06 (R) PE prW PE waste 24.0 to  
05-06 (R) PP prW PP production wastes - any color 24.0 to  
05-06 (R) PC prW Reg Pc Mahlgut Glasklar mit UV clear 20.0 to 1.50 €  
05-06 (R) PBT oth oth PBT GF 10-30 % mit FR coloured 300.0 to  
05-06 (R) ABS pcW Reg ABS aus WEEE gesucht coloured 100.0 to  
05-06 (R) ABS prW Reg Buy ABS White/Gray white 100.0 to 1.10 €  
05-06 (R) PC pcW PC** Metallized CD-DVD discs, shredded or grinded. 20.0 to  
05-06 (R) PE-HD Looking for HDPE coloured 100.0 to  
05-06 (R) PE-HD Looking for HDPE natural 100.0 to  
05-06 (R) PP-Copo Restposten gesucht alle Materialien  
05-06 (R) PA 6.6 prW We are searching for production waste