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Vir=Virgin material
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prW=Produktion waste
pcW=Post consumer waste
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 Date O/R Material Type Form Details Color Foto  Cert  PDF Amount €/kg Nat.
04-16 (O) ABS/PA Vir Pel TRIAX 1000 schwarz black 0.1 to 1.50 €  
04-16 (O) ABS/PA Rec Reg ABS/PA ex Schulablend M-MK coloured 1.0 to 0.50 €  
04-15 (O) ABS/PA prW Reg Mahlgut ex ABS/PA /schwarz bunt /71594 coloured 2.4 to  
04-12 (R) ABS/PA prW Reg Mahlgut ex Terblend N NG02/N NG04 black 5.0 to  
04-09 (O) ABS/PA Vir Pel Schulablend M/MK K2004 Q54 BROWN 0.1 to  
04-08 (O) ABS/PA prW Pel ABS/PA Regranulat Stanblend G00 S1100 bk black 18.0 to 1.10 €  
04-07 (R) ABS/PA Vir Terblend N NM12 NATURAL NR natural 1.4 to 5.50 €  
04-06 (O) ABS/PA oth Reg ABS/PA Ex-Schulablend M/MK coloured  
04-06 (O) ABS/PA prW Reg ASA/PA 6 Schulablend M/MW black black 12.0 to 0.40 €  
03-24 (O) ABS/PA Vir Pel ABS/PA Schulablend M/MK GF20 schwarz black 0.6 to 5.65 €  
03-23 (O) ABS/PA Rec Reg ex Terblend NM black 0.1 to 0.60 €  
03-23 (O) ABS/PA Rec Reg ex Terblend® N NM coloured 5.0 to 0.70 €  
03-23 (O) ABS/PA Rec Reg ABS/PA coloured 11.0 to 0.75 €  
03-23 (O) ABS/PA Rec Reg Schulablend® M/MK K2004 coloured 10.0 to 0.70 €  
03-21 (O) ABS/PA Vir Pel Terez PA/ABS 2011,GF2 UV/1 schwarz 9999 Originalware originalverpackt, WPZ vorhanden black 22.0 to