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pcW=Post consumer waste
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 Date O/R Material Type Form Details Color Foto  Cert  PDF Amount €/kg Nat.
12-09 (O) PET-G prW Reg PET mixed with PETG. Post production regrind clear 2.0 to 0.00 €  
12-09 (O) PET-G Sur Reg PET-G transparent, regrind transparent 10.0 to 0.75 €  
12-08 (O) PET-G prW oth PET-G offcuts extrusion transparent - about 100 tons yearly transparent 100.0 to  
12-08 (O) PET-G prW oth PET-G, kleine Fläschchen von produktion, ca 14 Tonnen. Jede farbe separat verpact. transparent 15.0 to  
12-07 (O) PET-G prW Pel PETG clear repro transparent 70.0 to  
12-06 (O) PET-G Vir Pel PET-G ® Selenis PET Selekt BD210 glasklat/cristal, Big Bag,WPZ (art.0103) clear 20.0 to 1.85 €  
12-02 (O) PET-G Vir Pel PET-G PN300 exceptional transparency „Neuware“ clear 2.6 to 1.25 €  
12-02 (R) PET-G prW oth PET-G, spritzguss, transparent oder farblos, abfall - ganze teile. Nicht mahlgut. Bechelter usw., Regelmäßig, 60 Tonnen monatlich. transparent 60.0 to  
12-02 (R) PET-G prW oth PET-G, Produktionsabfall, Platten, durchbrochene oder Plattenzuschnitte, farbloses oder transparente farbe. transparent 20.0 to  
12-02 (R) PET-G prW Bls Pet G transparent 500.0 to  
11-30 (O) PET-G prW Reg PET-G REGRIND transparent 140.0 to 0.82 €  
11-30 (O) PET-G prW Reg PET G Farbe Blue Typ 6763 blue 44.0 to  
11-30 (O) PET-G prW Reg PETG Mahlgut Grün green 7.5 to 0.20 €  
11-29 (O) PET-G Rec Reg PET G color mix regrind - SKYGREEN K2012, Spectar 14471 coloured 100.0 to 0.58 €  
11-24 (O) PET-G PET-G flakes washed from x-rays 40.0 to  
11-18 (O) PET-G Rec Cpd PET - G black 1.0 to 1.50 €  
11-15 (R) PET-G prW Reg PET-G Mahlgut (aus Folien- oder Plattenreste) clear 100.0 to  
11-15 (R) PET-G prW G-PET Post Produktion gesucht 100.0 to  
11-15 (O) PET-G prW Reg PET-G regrind colored transparent 22.0 to  
11-14 (R) PET-G We are looking for PET-G scrap suppliers  
11-14 (O) PET-G Rec Reg PET-G regrind extrusion transparent (ex solid sheets) transparent 20.0 to  
11-14 (O) PET-G Rec Reg PET-G regrind extrusion light colored (ex solid sheets) coloured 20.0 to  
11-13 (O) PET-G Reg PET GAG Transparent clear 22.0 to 0.40 €  
11-13 (O) PET-G prW Reg PET G Natur natural 5.0 to 0.25 €  
11-13 (O) PET-G prW Reg PETG Transparent Grün green 10.0 to