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HIPS / Regrind bases on the following offers.

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Pel = Pellets
Reg = Regrind/Flakes
Cpd = Compound
Bls = Bales
Mb = Masterbatch
Pow = Powder
Agl = Agglomerate
Vir = Virgin material
Sur = Surplus Material/
Rec = Recyclates
prW = Produktion waste
pcW = Post consumer waste
Add = Additive
oth = others

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 Date Material Type Form Color Amount Details €/kg Nat.
01-12 HIPS prW Reg black 40.0 to HIPS, mahlgut, bunt u. schwarz..  
01-16 HIPS pcW Reg coloured 200.0 to HIPS REGRIND MIX COLOR  
01-12 HIPS prW Reg coloured 40.0 to HIPS, mahlgut, bunt, direct vo..  
01-11 HIPS prW Reg black 40.0 to HIPS, mahlgut , schwarz, aus ..  
01-19 HIPS Rec Reg white 17.0 to ..