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Offer (2020-11-19, 12:11:15)

Laserfilter ETTLINGER Typ ECO 200
Melt filters

Ettlinger ECO 200

  Wuppertal, Germany (Company)
  Germany (Location Machine)


Power:  22,0 kW
Throughput: 900 kg/h


78.000 €

Offer (2020-11-19, 11:36:18)

ETTLINGER Laserfilter ERF 200
Melt filters


  Wuppertal, Germany (Company)
  Germany (Location Machine)


Power:  9,0 kW
Throughput: 800 kg/h


76.800 €

Offer (2020-10-15, 09:08:48)

Neu EREMA Laserfilter LS 350/2 Schaber & 4 Siebe
Melt filters

EREMA LS 350/2

  Herbolzheim, Germany (Company)



Offer (2020-10-04, 10:31:07)

Melt filters

Bagsik H305

  Gliwice, Poland (Company)


Build in:  2020
Throughput: 1500 kg/h


Offer (2020-10-04, 10:30:59)

Screenchanger RSF200
Melt filters

Gneuß RSF200

  Gliwice, Poland (Company)



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