Subcontractors for Processing and Recycling of Plastics

Please choose one of the following criteria to list suppliers:

Agglomerating (5)

Coating/Painting (2)

Colouring (18)

Compounding (23)

Drying (17)

Dust exstraction (28)

Extruding (13)

Filling (14)

Film cutting (1)

Fine grinding (10)

Grading (2)

Granulation (39)

Granulation, mobile (3)

Injection moulding (18)

Mechanical processing (9)

Metall separation (22)

Mixing (19)

Packaging (20)

Pelleting (3)

Printing/Labeling (2)

Reprocessing (30)

Shredding (27)

Sieving (9)

Sifting (8)

Sorting (13)

Thermoforming (3)

Washing (6)

Welding (1)

Selected: Injection moulding

  ALKAZ Sp. z o.o. Sp. K.
     10419 Olsztyn, Poland
  Arany Delfin Kft.
     4183 Kaba, Hungary
  Band Alpin GmbH
     39032 Sand in Taufers, Italy
  Brüderle Kunststofftechnik GmbH
     79365 Rheinhausen, Germany
  Budvill GmbH
     81379 München, Germany
  Erl Plast GmbH
     91459 Markt Erlbach, Germany
  Franke Kunststofftechnik GmbH & Co. KG
     33181 Bad Wünnenberg-Haaren, Germany
  Gebrüder Schmidt KG
     55743 Idar-Oberstein, Germany
  INKU plastics GmbH Kunststofftechnik
     58540 Meinerzhagen, Germany
  Jokey Sohland GmbH
     02689 Sohland, Germany
  Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH
     14612 Falkensee, Germany
  Lanker AG Kunststofftechnik
     9462 Montlingen, Switzerland
  LKR|RECYCLATE, Lohner Kunststoffrecycling GmbH
     49377 Vechta, Germany
  MB-Spritzgusstechnik GmbH
     87616 Marktoberdorf, Germany
  NBK Thomas Neu Kunststofftechnik
     59889 Eslohe, Germany
  Reinhold Lesch GmbH
     96472 Rödental, Germany
  Schwan Cosmetics Kunststofftechnik GmbH & Co. KG
     91781 Weißenburg, Germany
  Waldkraft GmbH
     79674 Todtnau, Germany

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