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ABS (85)ABS/MABS (1)ABS/PA (6)Additiv (16)
ASA (14)Bio-PP (1)CA (1)Cellulose (1)
Elastomer (1)EPDM (1)EPE (1)EPP (1)
EPS (7)ETFE (1)EVA (5)EVOH (3)
Füllstoff (8)HIPS (16)LCP (11)MABS (6)
Masterbatch (18)PA (26)PA 10.10 (2)PA 11 (3)
PA 12 (19)PA 4.6 (12)PA 6 (69)PA 6-3 (1)
PA 6.10 (2)PA 6.12 (6)PA 6.6 (64)PA 6.6/PA 6 (17)
PA/ABS (1)PA/PE (1)PA/PET (1)PARA (4)
PB (1)PBT (40)PBT/ASA (1)PBT/PET (1)
PC (70)PC/ABS (57)PC/ASA (5)PC/PBT (12)
PC/PET (5)PC/PETG (1)PCT (3)PCTG (3)
PE (28)PE-HD (101)PE-LD (65)PE-LLD (22)
PE-MD (6)PE-UHMW (1)PE/PA (2)PE/PP (27)
PEEK (9)PEI (5)PES (4)PET (57)
PET-A (26)PET-C (1)PET-G (10)PLA (3)
PMMA (35)PO (4)POM (34)PP (126)
PP-CF (1)PP-Copo (24)PP-GF (30)PP-Homo (23)
PP-TV (18)PP/EPDM (6)PPA (23)PPE (1)
PPE/PA (1)PPE/PS (2)PPO (6)PPS (19)
PPSU (5)PS (49)PS/Alu (1)PSU (4)
PTFE (3)PUR (7)PVB (2)PVC (38)
PVC-h (26)PVC-w (16)PVDF (4)SAN (23)
SAP (1)SBS (3)SEBS (6)SMA (4)
Sonstige (42)SPS (1)TEEE (1)TPC (5)
TPE (26)TPO (5)TPS (2)TPU (20)
TPV (12)WPC (3)XPS (2)

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 TABAR-plast GmbH (1)  Supplier Profile
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3363 Neufurth, Austria

WOBATEK Kunststoffvertriebs GmbH
76547 Sinzheim, Germany

lsm ultraschall-verbindungstechnik GmbH + Co. KG
96114 Hirschaid, Germany

RKS- Rader Kunststoff Spritzerei GmbH
42477 Radevormwald, Germany

Kreideweiss GmbH Kunststoffe
42553 Velbert-Neviges, Germany

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