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ABS (85)ABS/MABS (1)ABS/PA (6)Additiv (16)
ASA (14)Bio-PP (1)CA (1)Cellulose (1)
Elastomer (1)EPDM (1)EPE (1)EPP (1)
EPS (7)ETFE (1)EVA (5)EVOH (3)
Füllstoff (8)HIPS (16)LCP (11)MABS (6)
Masterbatch (18)PA (26)PA 10.10 (2)PA 11 (3)
PA 12 (19)PA 4.6 (12)PA 6 (69)PA 6-3 (1)
PA 6.10 (2)PA 6.12 (6)PA 6.6 (64)PA 6.6/PA 6 (17)
PA/ABS (1)PA/PE (1)PA/PET (1)PARA (4)
PB (1)PBT (40)PBT/ASA (1)PBT/PET (1)
PC (70)PC/ABS (57)PC/ASA (5)PC/PBT (12)
PC/PET (5)PC/PETG (1)PCT (3)PCTG (3)
PE (28)PE-HD (101)PE-LD (65)PE-LLD (22)
PE-MD (6)PE-UHMW (1)PE/PA (2)PE/PP (27)
PEEK (9)PEI (5)PES (4)PET (57)
PET-A (26)PET-C (1)PET-G (10)PLA (3)
PMMA (35)PO (4)POM (34)PP (126)
PP-CF (1)PP-Copo (24)PP-GF (30)PP-Homo (23)
PP-TV (18)PP/EPDM (6)PPA (23)PPE (1)
PPE/PA (1)PPE/PS (2)PPO (6)PPS (19)
PPSU (5)PS (49)PS/Alu (1)PSU (4)
PTFE (3)PUR (7)PVB (2)PVC (38)
PVC-h (26)PVC-w (16)PVDF (4)SAN (23)
SAP (1)SBS (3)SEBS (6)SMA (4)
Sonstige (42)SPS (1)TEEE (1)TPC (5)
TPE (26)TPO (5)TPS (2)TPU (20)
TPV (12)WPC (3)XPS (2)

11 currently active suppliers of LCP (number of offers):

Supplier with profile:
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 Nagel-Recycling Kunststoffe Heidi Nagel (6)  Supplier Profile
 Neidhardt Rohstoff GmbH (1)  Supplier Profile
 Schulz & Partner International (1)  Supplier Profile
 TABAR-plast GmbH (2)  Supplier Profile

More suppliers in the material exchange:

 ddm hopt+schuler GmbH & Co. KG (1)
 DS Polymer GmbH (2)
 geba Kunststoffcompounds GmbH (1)
 Handelsgesellschaft Oberdorfer (1)
 KKR GmbH (1)
 Realpolymers, Lda (1)
 WIS Kunststoffe GmbH (1)

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Latest entries in the buyers guide

3363 Neufurth, Austria

WOBATEK Kunststoffvertriebs GmbH
76547 Sinzheim, Germany

lsm ultraschall-verbindungstechnik GmbH + Co. KG
96114 Hirschaid, Germany

RKS- Rader Kunststoff Spritzerei GmbH
42477 Radevormwald, Germany

Kreideweiss GmbH Kunststoffe
42553 Velbert-Neviges, Germany

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