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Selection by material group (number of suppliers):

ABS (98)ABS/MABS (2)ABS/PA (5)Additiv (14)
ASA (15)Bio-PE (1)Bio-PP (2)CA (1)
Cellulose (2)Copolyester (2)Elastomer (1)EPDM (2)
EPP (3)EPS (9)ETFE (1)EVA (8)
EVOH (1)Füllstoff (4)HIPS (18)LCP (10)
MABS (4)Masterbatch (14)MBS (1)PA (23)
PA 10.10 (2)PA 11 (3)PA 12 (18)PA 4.6 (18)
PA 6 (66)PA 6.10 (2)PA 6.12 (5)PA 6.6 (67)
PA 6.6/PA 6 (17)PA amorph (1)PA/PE (3)PA/PET (1)
PARA (3)PBT (37)PBT/ABS (1)PBT/ASA (6)
PC (63)PC/ABS (61)PC/ASA (3)PC/PBT (12)
PC/PET (5)PCT (2)PE (30)PE-HD (116)
PE-LD (72)PE-LLD (26)PE-MD (5)PE/PA (2)
PE/PP (27)PEEK (13)PEI (3)PES (2)
PET (74)PET-A (21)PET-C (1)PET-G (16)
PET-P (1)PLA (5)PMMA (38)PO (4)
POM (39)PP (152)PP-CF (1)PP-Copo (33)
PP-GF (28)PP-Homo (28)PP-TV (16)PP/EPDM (11)
PPA (20)PPE (2)PPE/PA (2)PPE/PS (4)
PPO (2)PPS (22)PPSU (6)PS (57)
PS/Alu (1)PSU (7)PTFE (5)PUR (10)
PVB (2)PVC (43)PVC-h (26)PVC-w (22)
PVDF (4)SAN (19)SBS (4)SEBS (2)
SMA (3)Sonstige (60)TEEE (2)TPC (3)
TPE (30)TPO (7)TPS (2)TPU (22)
TPV (9)WPC (3)XPS (2)

33 currently active suppliers of PP-Copo (number of offers):

Supplier with profile:
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 BADICO Trading GmbH (2)  Supplier Profile
 Copo-Plast Heinrich Winkler e.K. (1)  Supplier Profile
 General Polymers Ltd. (2)  Supplier Profile
 MKV GmbH Kunststoffgranulate (1)  Supplier Profile
 Nico Kunststoffe GmbH (1)  Supplier Profile
 Sinox Polymers GmbH (1)  Supplier Profile
 TABAR-plast GmbH (14)  Supplier Profile

More suppliers in the material exchange:

 Ammon Kunststoffe (1)
 AMPlast Trading Materialmanagement (1)
 B-Bag (1)
 Bined B.V (1)
 Euro Kunststoffprodukte Trading GmbH (1)
 GFR Gesellschaft für Recycling mbH (2)
 Ivanis d.o.o. (1)
 Janplast d.o.o. (1)
 KN Nagel Kunststoffe e. K. (1)
 Marco Arand INNOVAPLAST® (1)
 Mescody Sarl (1)
 MSGroup (1)
 Niclas Timo Huyghe (2)
 Novitres GmbH (1)
 Orinoco Sales e.K. (1)
 Osterholzer Kunststoff Vertriebs GmbH&Co.KG (2)
 Poly Stern Compound KG (1)
 RAM-KOR Plaszt BT (1)
 RKF Interplast (1)
 SINKOL House s.r.o. (1)
 Sollau CZ s.r.o. (2)
 Starplast GmbH (2)
 VIP Kunststoff-Vertrieb GmbH (1)
 WIPAG GmbH (1)
 WIS Kunststoffe GmbH (1)

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lsm ultraschall-verbindungstechnik GmbH + Co. KG
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42553 Velbert-Neviges, Germany

IES Interim Expert Solutions GmbH & Co. KG
41379 Brüggen-Born, Germany

con-pearl GmbH
37308 Geismar, Germany

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