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ABS (80)ABS/MABS (2)ABS/PA (11)Additiv (11)
ASA (20)CA (2)Cellulose (1)Copolyester (1)
EAA (1)EPDM (1)EPP (2)EPS (7)
ETFE (1)EVA (9)FEP (1)Füllstoff (5)
HIPS (22)LCP (9)MABS (2)Masterbatch (11)
MBS (2)NBR (2)PA (21)PA 10.10 (1)
PA 11 (1)PA 12 (20)PA 4.6 (10)PA 6 (53)
PA 6-3 (3)PA 6.10 (3)PA 6.12 (6)PA 6.6 (52)
PA 6.6/PA 6 (19)PA amorph (2)PA/PE (6)PARA (7)
PB (3)PBT (49)PBT/ABS (2)PBT/ASA (12)
PBT/PET (3)PC (62)PC/ABS (45)PC/ASA (14)
PC/PBT (14)PC/PET (9)PCT (2)PCTG (3)
PE (35)PE-HD (89)PE-LD (89)PE-LLD (29)
PE-MD (7)PE-UHMW (3)PE/PA (9)PE/PP (23)
PEEK (14)PEI (8)PES (9)PET (58)
PET-A (24)PET-G (17)PFA (1)PLA (3)
PMMA (34)PO (3)POM (36)PP (106)
PP-Copo (24)PP-GF (28)PP-Homo (20)PP-TV (15)
PP/EPDM (8)PPA (20)PPE (3)PPE/PA (3)
PPE/PS (4)PPO (9)PPS (16)PPSU (4)
PS (51)PS/Alu (2)PSU (6)PTFE (4)
PUR (4)PVB (3)PVC (27)PVC-h (18)
PVC-w (12)PVDF (12)SAN (16)SAP (1)
SBS (1)SEBS (5)Silikon (2)SMA (2)
Sonstige (45)TEEE (4)TPC (2)TPE (33)
TPO (5)TPS (1)TPU (21)TPV (4)

12 currently active suppliers of PVDF (number of offers):

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 TABAR-plast GmbH (3)  Supplier Profile

More suppliers in the material exchange:

 Ambofluor GmbH & Co. KG (6)
 CompactPlastic (1)
 cw-plast GmbH (2)
 Dr. Bozkurt Plast (1)
 Grzegorz Wąchocki (1)
 Minger Kunststofftechnik AG (1)
 MKK GmbH Kunststoffrecycling (1)
 PSP (1)
 RALPH HOFMANN Trading & Consulting (1)

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1 offers from trade representatives

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Latest entries in the buyers guide

Schlicht Handelsgesellschaft mbH
23858 Reinfeld, Germany

General Polymers Ltd.
4004 Plovdiv, Bulgaria

pexopol GmbH
3500 Krems an der Donau, Austria

Aurora Kunststoffe GmbH
74632 Neuenstein, Germany

Aurora Kunststoffe GmbH
74632 Neuenstein, Germany

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