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ABS (41)ABS/PA (10)Additiv (17)ASA (12)
Bio-PE (1)EAA (1)Elastomer (1)EPS (4)
ETFE (2)EVA (3)Füllstoff (4)HIPS (15)
LCP (12)Masterbatch (19)MBS (2)NBR (1)
PA (17)PA 10.10 (1)PA 11 (2)PA 12 (20)
PA 4.6 (11)PA 6 (56)PA 6-3 (2)PA 6.10 (4)
PA 6.12 (4)PA 6.6 (45)PA 6.6/PA 6 (17)PA/ABS (2)
PA/PE (2)PA/PET (1)PAN (1)PARA (5)
PB (1)PBT (34)PBT/ASA (4)PBT/PET (2)
PC (40)PC/ABS (42)PC/ASA (7)PC/PBT (7)
PC/PET (8)PC/PETG (1)PCT (4)PCTG (4)
PE (20)PE-HD (65)PE-LD (59)PE-LLD (18)
PE-MD (2)PE/PA (5)PE/PP (9)PEEK (10)
PEI (8)PES (6)PET (48)PET-A (23)
PET-G (17)PLA (5)PMMA (38)PO (2)
POM (32)PP (47)PP-Copo (17)PP-GF (14)
PP-Homo (20)PP-TV (18)PP/EPDM (8)PPA (19)
PPE (5)PPE/PA (2)PPE/PS (5)PPO (6)
PPS (20)PPSU (4)PS (29)PSU (6)
PTFE (5)PUR (2)PVB (1)PVC (9)
PVC-h (9)PVC-w (8)PVDF (5)SAN (14)
SBR (1)SBS (3)SEBS (4)SMA (5)
Sonstige (33)TEEE (2)TPC (2)TPE (25)
TPO (5)TPS (2)TPU (30)TPV (11)
WPC (1)XPS (1)

29 currently active suppliers of PS (number of offers):

Supplier with profile:
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 Proform (1)  Supplier Profile
 TABAR-plast GmbH (2)  Supplier Profile

More suppliers in the material exchange:

 Ammon Kunststoffe Inh. Gerald Ammon (2)
 ask-Kunststoffe GmbH (1)
 B-Bag (1)
 BEST (1)
 Dawid Policha MDRH (1)
 Die grüne Alternative (1)
 E. KLEIN & CO (1)
 Eco Solutions d.o.o (1)
 Euro Kunststoffprodukte Trading GmbH (2)
 Gesellschaft für Recycling mbH (2)
 GFR - Gesellschaft für Recycling mbH (7)
 GIANECO srl (1)
 Handelsgesellschaft Oberdorfer (1)
 Kunststoff Kompetenz Service GmbH (1)
 Pos-Plast d.o.o. (5)
 R&R IDEAS (5)
 rm-concept GmbH (1)
 Spritzgusstechnik Gerhard Kurz (1)
 Swissprimepack AG (1)
 vip Kunststoffvertrieb GmbH Forchheim (2)
 WIS Kunststoffe GmbH (10)
 YiHao Techniche Kunststoff Compound GmbH (1)
 ZSNP Trade s.r.o. (1)

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Roth GmbH plastic+form
72336 Balingen, Germany

Roth GmbH plastic+form
72336 Balingen, Germany

Solvus GmbH & Co. KG
51427 Bergisch Gladbach, Germany

Maxiplast Sp.zo.o
53-030 Wrocław, Poland

CompraXX GmbH
06188 Landsberg, Germany

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