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ABS (87)ABS/MABS (3)ABS/PA (9)Additiv (14)
ASA (15)Bio-PP (2)CA (1)Cellulose (1)
Elastomer (2)EPDM (3)EPE (1)EPS (4)
EVA (5)Füllstoff (5)HIPS (19)LCP (9)
MABS (3)Masterbatch (13)MBS (2)PA (27)
PA 10.10 (3)PA 10.12 (1)PA 11 (2)PA 12 (17)
PA 12.12 (1)PA 4.6 (12)PA 6 (51)PA 6-3 (1)
PA 6.10 (6)PA 6.12 (8)PA 6.6 (52)PA 6.6/PA 6 (13)
PA amorph (1)PA/ABS (1)PA/PE (3)PA/PET (2)
PAN (1)PARA (4)PBT (35)PBT/ABS (1)
PBT/ASA (1)PBT/PET (3)PC (61)PC/ABS (57)
PC/ASA (4)PC/PBT (10)PC/PET (7)PCT (1)
PE (22)PE-HD (93)PE-LD (54)PE-LLD (19)
PE-MD (6)PE-UHMW (2)PE/PA (3)PE/PP (18)
PEEK (8)PEI (9)PES (5)PET (57)
PET-A (30)PET-G (16)PLA (4)PMMA (38)
PO (4)POM (38)PP (132)PP-Copo (27)
PP-GF (23)PP-Homo (23)PP-TV (18)PP/EPDM (5)
PPA (16)PPE (4)PPE/PA (1)PPE/PS (2)
PPO (6)PPS (22)PPSU (5)PS (37)
PSU (7)PTFE (2)PUR (5)PVB (3)
PVC (22)PVC-h (13)PVC-w (7)PVDF (3)
SAN (18)SBS (3)SEBS (2)Silikon (1)
SMA (4)Sonstige (48)TEEE (4)TPC (6)
TPE (31)TPO (6)TPS (2)TPU (20)
TPV (10)TR-PA (1)WPC (3)XPS (1)

7 currently active suppliers of PVC-w (number of offers):

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 HIDROPLASTO SRL (7)  Supplier Profile

More suppliers in the material exchange:

 A.S.C. HEMIK doo (1)
 Aaglob (2)
 EKOMER sp. z o.o. (18)
 ITO-Plast (3)
 Realpolymers, Lda (1)
 VH-FB EURO, s.r.o. (1)
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47-225 Kędzierzyn Koźle, Poland

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51371 Leverkusen, Germany

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58507 Lüdenscheid, Germany

Robo Plast Quality Kft.
2769 Tápiószölös, Hungary

Teterower Kunststoffe GmbH & Co.KG
17166 Teterow, Germany

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