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Selection by material group (number of suppliers):

ABS (71)ABS/MABS (4)ABS/PA (9)Additiv (10)
ASA (20)Bio-PE (1)CA (2)Copolyester (1)
ECTFE (1)Elastomer (1)EPDM (1)EPP (1)
EPS (10)ETFE (1)EVA (5)FEP (1)
Füllstoff (2)HIPS (18)LCP (8)MABS (2)
Masterbatch (11)MBS (3)NBR (1)PA (21)
PA 10.10 (1)PA 11 (4)PA 12 (23)PA 4.6 (9)
PA 6 (59)PA 6-3 (4)PA 6.10 (3)PA 6.12 (6)
PA 6.6 (61)PA 6.6/PA 6 (16)PA/PE (3)PARA (5)
PBT (49)PBT/ABS (1)PBT/ASA (10)PBT/PET (6)
PC (61)PC/ABS (44)PC/ASA (11)PC/PBT (11)
PC/PET (11)PCT (2)PCTG (3)PE (39)
PE-HD (92)PE-LD (100)PE-LLD (29)PE-MD (3)
PE-UHMW (3)PE/PA (8)PE/PP (32)PEEK (12)
PEI (7)PES (7)PET (67)PET-A (29)
PET-C (1)PET-G (19)PFA (1)PLA (1)
PMMA (35)PO (3)POM (33)PP (98)
PP-Copo (25)PP-GF (21)PP-Homo (21)PP-TV (16)
PP/EPDM (9)PPA (15)PPE (3)PPE/PA (1)
PPE/PS (2)PPO (8)PPS (12)PPSU (3)
PS (55)PS/Alu (1)PSU (3)PTFE (4)
PUR (2)PVB (2)PVC (26)PVC-h (17)
PVC-w (13)PVDF (9)SAN (9)SAP (1)
SBR (1)SBS (1)SEBS (2)Silikon (4)
SMA (4)Sonstige (45)TEEE (3)TPE (26)
TPO (2)TPU (17)TPV (6)XPS (1)

49 currently active suppliers of PBT (number of offers):

Supplier with profile:
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 EDELMANN KUNSTSTOFFE (1)  Supplier Profile
 ERE Kunststoff Ram-Extrusion GmbH & Co. KG (4)  Supplier Profile
 Friedel Kunststoffrecycling GmbH (4)  Supplier Profile
 Kunststoffrecycling CKT GmbH & Co. KG (3)  Supplier Profile
 MSH Polymers -plastics for technology- (6)  Supplier Profile
 MW COMPOUNDS GmbH (1)  Supplier Profile
 Nagel-Recycling (4)  Supplier Profile
 Schulz & Partner International (7)  Supplier Profile
 TABAR-plast GmbH (11)  Supplier Profile
 ZENTRAPLAST GmbH (2)  Supplier Profile

More suppliers in the material exchange:

 2E mechatronic GmbH & Co. KG (1)
 A.B.TITAN s.r.o. (3)
 aluplast GmbH (1)
 Ammon Kunststoffe Inh. Gerald Ammon (9)
 Bc. Daniel Dvorak (1)
 CHC International (1)
 Cimpolymers (1)
 DD-Plastics Janusz Karpowicz (2)
 DiBa Plast e.K. (1)
 DS Polymer GmbH (1)
 Ecoresimex SL (1)
 Estra-Kunststoff GmbH (41)
 Euro Kunststoffprodukte Yavuz e. K. (1)
 Gesellschaft für Recycling mbH (1)
 GFR - Gesellschaft für Recycling mbH (1)
 GIANECO srl (1)
 Grind Fibers OÜ (1)
 Handelsgesellschaft Oberdorfer (1)
 Hinoa Bvba (1)
 Janplast d.o.o. (2)
 KBS-Spritztechnik GmbH (1)
 KRB Kunststoffrecycling Bartl e.K. (3)
 Luesebrink, Inh. Raimond Krohmer e.K. (2)
 MAHLE Electric Drives Bovec d.o.o. (1)
 MG Plast (1)
 mohr-plastic GmbH (1)
 Peiler & Klein Kunststofftechnik GmbH (1)
 Polymer One (1)
 Polymertechnik Wolfgang Jäger (1)
 RAM-KOR Plaszt LP. (2)
 Re-Plast GmbH (8)
 Silant srl (1)
 StanPlast GmbH (5)
 Westo GmbH Kunststofftechnik.KG (1)
 WIS Kunststoffe GmbH (26)

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Chen Hsong Germany GmbH
47906 Kempen, Germany

BERGCOLD - Intercom Deec GmbH
47228 Duisburg, Germany

CANDI Plastic Recycling GmbH
2601 Sollenau, Austria

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